Friday, April 8, 2011

The Devil is real but he is not for me

As Mike shared with you in the last post that I went into the hospital for severe pain and what inevitably was also dehydration as a result of severe nausea. All of this was because of the new chemo drugs and the enlargement of my liver. I was in for 2 nights and the matters for which I was admitted were basically resolved. When I tell you the Devil is real and I have been under attack, well I have. While I was in the hospital I asked for a heating pad because of the tension that was in my back and I could not get a muscle relaxant. Well, to make a long story short, I was provided a heat compress. We left the compress on for some period of time and when it was taken off...there was a burn on my back! I was not appauled initially, because I couldn't see or feel it. I thought there were just some blisters. After the doctor saw it, he was terribly upset, and I was referred to a plastic surgeon. The plastic surgeon said I had a second degree burn. What!!! Mike took a picture for me so I could see what all the commotion was about, because I honestly did not think it could have been that serious. My Lord, what a site! We've been doing dressing changes and after going to see the plastic surgeon on Wednesday, he is recommending surgery because there is an area of the burn that is not healing as it should and it is potentially a full-thickness burn. By the way, the burn is about the size of the palm of your hand. Adding insult to injury, the burn is over the incision from my back surgery. We will know better next week definitively if and when I will have surgery. Why am I talking about the devil? I want you to know that God does not and would not cause all of this to happen to me, His child, but is allowing it to happen for the benefit of me and you. Know that the devil is busy and is trying to deter me from my God. I read a book entitled the Believer's Authority and when I tell you as Christians we have to learn to get in the devil's face and put him in his place, WE HAVE TO DO IT! I know he is mad at me because I did just that. I went into my closet one Sunday and cried, screamed and shouted AT THE DEVIL to let him know where his place is in my life... NO WHERE. I'm thinking he said he would try me on the outside, knowing my vanity, and see if that would turn me away from my GOD. LOL!!!! Ain't gonna happen. I began again reading about Job in even more detail. Even though I have not lost all of what he lost, I feel like my journey is so similar. It's taking so long. I don't know why this is happening at the severity at which it is happening. The miraculous blessing that I am receiving out of all of this, as I learn patience, are the people that are praying for and with us, the sharing of so many people, and how many people are sharing how this "journey" and its various aspects are changing their lives. No matter what happens, the devil will not be ruler in my life nor in my home, not of my finances nor of health, NOTHING! We must battle witht he tools God has armed us with but also face the devil with AUTHORITY. Loving and praying for you all!!!